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Talent: developing the developers

April 24, 2015


SampoMedia co-founder Peter Buckingham returned to Europe last week after returning from a three-week working tour of Poland and Australia.  His first assignment was a speech at the EYE Film Institute in Amsterdam for industry professionals working to support the development and progression of film talent.  The title was ‘Talent: Developing The Developers’ that explored some of the […]

Connecting audiences: the story remains the same

April 26, 2013


The stories remain the same, it is the way we tell them that changes, suggested pioneering cross-media storyteller Lance Weiler in his  keynote at the Film Agency for Wales’ Audience Connect event in Cardiff. The idea that there are universal human needs, including a basic hunger for stories, ought to be at the core of any […]

SampoMedia: What we do

April 16, 2013


SampoMedia’s mission to connect creative ideas and audiences has many different dimensions and we will be providing a range of services to support creative talent, businesses and policy-makers. The core of our work will be based on building knowledge about the way that audiences are thinking and behaving in an on-demand digital environment. The company […]

Free download – Digital Revolution: The Active Audience

March 15, 2013


Digital Revolution: The Active Audience is the fourth in a series of reports on the impact of digital change on consumer behaviour and industrial practice in European film. The series is written by SampoMedia founder Michael Gubbins, and sponsored by Cine Regio, which represents Europe’s regional film agencies and funding bodies. It argues that digital […]

Connecting creative ideas to audiences

March 5, 2013


SampoMedia was created with a singular intent – to help creative ideas find audiences. That, of course, has always been the desire of media and entertainment organisations but it is becoming clear that an on-demand digital age has moved the goalposts. Over the last few years, there has been a fundamental change in the relationship […]

Gothenburg lectures. Part Two

February 8, 2013


Part one of this three-part series looked at the changing market conditions that might drive producers to actively seek new revenues and a broad outline of the need for fundamental change to adapt to audiences. In this second section, we consider some of the factors affecting the development of new models and revenue sources for […]

UK film audiences – download paper

January 24, 2013


Cinema First is an organisation dedicated to increasing cinema admissions profitably in the UK. Its main constituents are film distributors, via the Film Distributors Association (FDA) and exhibitors, through the Cinema Exhibitors Association (CEA). Its most high profile project has been managing the successful two-for-one promotion Orange Wednesdays Recently Cinema First has been exploring other […]