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Thinker, strategist analyst and doer in film and media, with particular focus on connecting audiences with creative work. His work has covered all aspects of production, distribution and exhibition and includes high-profile projects, including the creation of the world’s first Digital Screen Network (DSN) in the UK and the pioneering Find Any Film website. 30 years in the private and public sectors has offered a broad overview of the issues and challenges facing individual artists, businesses and organisations in maximising reach to, and engagement with, audiences and consumers. Skilled communicator, who speaks and teaches around the world on how best to reach audiences in this changing world.

The last decade

Spent mainly in the public sector as Head Of Distribution and Exhibition at the UK Film Council and then the BFI.  Headed numerous and groundbreaking initiatives such as digitising UK cinemas, marketing support for independent films, disabled access schemes, support for community cinemas, setting up of Film Clubs in UK Schools, transformative  for key UK film festivals and digital innovation schemes. Sits on leading business, policy and advisory boards for bodies including the European Digital Cinema Forum, Cinema First (to promote cinema going in the UK), Film Club, Power To The Pixel, European Think Tank, the film search engine FindAnyFilm.  Speaker at many events such as Producers Network in Cannes, International Copyright Technology Conference (ICOTEC) in South Korea, London Screenwriters Festival, Edinburgh Film Festival. Visiting lecturer at Royal Holloway (University of London), Media Business School in Spain, National Film and Television School, London Film School.

Private Sector

Worked from the ground up, starting as in cinemas as 35mm projectionist. Since then has worked in almost every possible position in film distribution and exhibition. Key management roles include Deputy Chief Executive of FilmFour Limited, named Video Distributor of the Year.  Prior to FilmFour, MD of Chris Blackwell’s Oasis Cinemas, building up a specialised cinema chain. Also worked as Director of Film Distribution for Richard Branson’s Virgin Vision heading up all the Distribution activities for Virgin Vision as it was then.

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